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We are a group of entrepreneurs and dreamers with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism and general services, located in the town of Paihuano, Elqui Valley, Chile.

Attractions of Paihuano

Quiet town along the Río Claro, that can provide a large array of tourist centres such as Cabins, Restaurants, Grocery shops, among other businesses, which provide the necessary comfort to enjoy life at any time of the year.

Gabriela Mistal

Emblematic figure of the Elqui Valley, born in the commune of Paihuano. She was one of the most notable poets in Chilean, Latin American and World literature. She is considered one of the main authors of universal feminine poetry and for her work she won the first Nobel Prize in Literature for a Latin American in 1945.

Paihuano Natural Heritage

In Paihuano, various natural areas are identified, such as mountain landscapes and inland valleys, each one with its own attributes.